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Muaj: Gusht 2011

Si ta formatizoj kompjuterin

Si ta formatizoj kompjuterin
Ketu do te mesoni se si te formatizoni pc apo kompjuterin tuaj.Mesimi eshte hap pas hapi.Mesim te kendshem.

Si ta formatizoj kompjuterin

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Fito Para me adsense

Adsense ju mundeson qe ne faqet tuaja  te vendosni reklama te ndryshme.Dhe ju paguan per kete sherbim.

Google AdSense vepron në përmbajtjen e faqes tuaj , automatikisht skanon faqen tuaj te internetit dhe vendos reklamen me temë dhe me permbajtje ne perputhje me temen dhe permbajtjen  e faqes tuaj.

Nga vijne reklamat.?

Reklamat vijne nga  Adwords

Tipologjija e reklames vjen sipas tematikes se faqes tuaj, per ti dhene harmoni faqes tuaj,dhe njekohesisht per te terhequr vizitoret e faqes tuaj qe te klikojne mbi reklamat. Jo vetem tematika por dhe permasat e reklames e ngjyrat mund ti perputhni me faqen tuaj.

Adsense varet nga Adwords?

Sigurisht qe po !!Sepse te gjitha reklamat e Adsense rrjedhin nga Adwords
Anasjelltas Adwords varet nga Adsense ,jo.

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Earn Money by shrink

First click  here

After that click Join now:

1. write name user

           2. email adress
         3. repeat email adress
          4. Pasword
5. Repeat Pasword
         6. Chose  account type: Link shrinker

Click  I agree

and click Submit

Step 1:
Go to www.savevid.com. This will let you download any video on the internet. Whats great about this? Well, you can re-upload them to YouTube to get views. Some of the viewers will go to your description and find your adfly links that you’re recommending.

So save a new, but good video. Don’t pick a video with 5 million views. Try picking out good videos with less than 500 views. This is because it is possible for your video to become more popular than the original, making your video not suspected of copyright. I like to pick COD: Black Ops videos. Ones that are very original, and new, from people that won’t get recognized.

At first, you may want to release your own content. This way you get subs and views and become more popular, so that you ensure your copied video will be considered the original, because the original user is too unpopular to make his vid popular.

Step 2:
Now that you’ve set up your video, you need a description. Give a brief description of what the video is about, and then say something like “Want Black Op’s hacks? Go here [adfly link]”. Make this one creative, and put more than one. The links that you’re sending your users to will be just regular websites. EX: nextgenupdate.com (For Black ops).

You also need attractive titles, so exaggerative a little, but be truthful. Also make as many relevant tags as possible. Then add as many extra tags as you can for the bottom of your description. These tips will helpl you manipulate the search results.

Step 3:
Use www.enhanceviews.net. Go to it and check it out. It’s self explanatory. Use it for views, likes, subs, etc. This will make all your videos popular. Try not to get banned, though. Make sure you don’t enhance your views until your video has at least 500. That way your vid won’t be froze. This step is just making your videos popular. Make sure you copy a lot of videos. The more you copy and work at, the more money you will make.

Step 4:
Sit back and watch your profits grow. No, you won’t be getting $10 per day, but for adfly, it’s a decent profit. Make sure you watch your videos. Make sure there are no bad comments that might discourage your subs and views. Get as many subs as you can. Make sure your videos have real content. Like cool glitches or amazing stunts in games or something. Make it good, but like I said, don’t copy super popular vids.

Fito Pare online

Se Pari Kliko Ketu

Pastaj shko Join now dhe pas kesaj:

1. e Shkruni USERIN ose NIKIN

           2. email adrese
         3. e perseritni email adrese
          4. Paswordin
5. Perseritne Paswordin
         6. Zgjedhni menyren e transferimit

Klikoni I agree

dhe ne fund Klikoni Submit

Pas kesaj mund te beni shrink qfardo adrese edhe i shperndani ato linka neper faqe, forume, blogje etj, dhe per qdo klikim ne linkun tuaj fitoni para, parat e fituara dergohen ne paypal dhe me pastaj ato para mund ti transferoni ne kartelen tuaj te bankes.

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